We love music, just like you.

And when we listen to music, we know what we like, and we know what we love. But we needed a way to visualize our music. We wanted a way to get tangible, data-driven analysis of our musical tastes, from genre to song, Abba to Zeppelin.

So iMusic Hub was created, an innovative site that can import your musical data from iTunes and show you detailed breakdowns of your listening habits. Like many creations, the logic behind iMusic Hub was originally developed to fill our own curiosities before realizing that other music lovers might be just as interested in taking advantage of the unique information it provides. Thus, iMusic Hub was launched, a way for you too to examine your music in a brand new way.

We hope you enjoy using our site, and encourage you to read the FAQ page if you have any further questions. You can also contact us for more in-depth questions.