Frequently Asked Questions:

What exactly is iMusic Hub?

iMusic Hub is a site dedicated to enlightening you on exactly what music you truly like as dicated by your listening habits and ratings. At any level (song, album, artist, genre, or playlist), you can view exactly what your iRating is, compare it to the rest of the users, and see other unique information such as plays per month. Additionally, you can filter through your entire catalog. For example, say you wanted to see artists with more than 5 songs that you listen to more than 12 times a month. With iMusic Hub, the results are a few clicks away, and you can even save the results to Excel or PDF.

Any other features I should know about?

Sure! iMusic Hub also has an ever-growing list of interesting charts and graphs to view your music library in new ways. One fun example is the "Ratings By Decade" graph, which will show you once and for all if you truly prefer 80s music over 60s music (you don't). We also are open to adding new charts by request.

Do I have to have my songs rated in iTunes to use the site?

Not at all. While having ratings will certainly augment the availible data iMusic Hub can provide, it does not rely on it. Instead, other important factors such as play count are used.

I don't use iTunes as my music library application. Can I use this site?

Unfortunately, iMusic Hub only currently supports iTunes (hence the name). Given the percentage of iTunes and iPod users worldwide, we thought this was the best option, at least for the time being.

What is an iRating?

An iRating is a value assigned to your songs, artists, albums, genres, and playlists. If you use iTunes built-in rating system, this plays a major role, in addition to play frequency, play count, and much more. Of course, we can't share the exact formula, but we feel confident that your iRating provides as true a rating as possible for your library content.

What if I don't rate my songs in iTunes?

No problem. iMusic Hub uses a combination of factors, of which iTunes Rating is just one. In fact, part of the motivation for creating the iRating system was to allow iMusic Hub users who do not rate their songs in iTunes to be able to take advantage of the all of the exciting features of the site.

One or more of the iRatings you assigned is wrong!

It happens. We are confident that the iRating engine is as accurate as possible, but it can only be based on the somewhat limited data iTunes provides -play counts, genre, last play date, etc.

Using the iTunes rating system will ensure more accurate results, as this contributes a large percentage of the calculation when availible.

What defines an 'album'?

By default, iMusic Hub will define an album as any collection of songs which share an artist and album name as defined in iTunes. Compilation albums do not require the same artist. By default, iMusic Hub also only considers albums having a track list greater than or equal to 4 songs, although this can be changed in your account settings.

How will my data be used?

Your data, including your songs and ratings, will be added to our database and shared with other music lovers. We NEVER share any personal information, including (but not limited to) your name or email address, and any publicly available data will never be personally identifiable.

Can someone figure out who I am through my data?

Absolutely not. There is no personally identifiable information associated with public data.

Do you promise to not share/sell my personal information?

We will never, never, never share or sell any personal information from any of our users. We promise.

How can I request a new report?

Please send us an email from the contact us page and we’ll be happy to help you out.